As the deadline for crew applications is slowly coming to an end, thus the list is filled with very interesting and high-quality competitors from the country and the surrounding area.

Judging by what has arrived so far, this one 55. Rally Serbia could easily be the best and most numerous in the last decade. For now, we have as many as six crews in R5 cars, two from Turkey (Skoda Fabia R5 and Hyundai I20 R5), then Martin Surilova from Bulgaria, in a Citroen C3 R5, as well as Anton Titov (Skoda Fabia R5). Last year's winners are also expected from the neighboring country, crew of Angels- Gadzhev, also Škoda fabia R5, as well as the former winner of the Serbia Rally, Plamen Staykov, also in the Škoda fabia R5 model. The same car will be driven by another former winner, Rumun Dan Girtofan, but also his successor, and Andrei. Girtofan junior is getting more experienced and faster, and veteran Dan wants to make up for his trip during the shakedown speedster two years ago and complete this year's edition of the rally.

Still, the home fans are most pleased with the return of the Borković crew- Markovic. After last year's break due to Dušan Borković's commitments on circuit tracks in Europe, double winners of the Serbia rally from 2019. i 2020. years, they will try for the third time to celebrate in front of their fans. For now, the Rally class is also very numerous 4, although a larger number of applications are still expected. There are certainly guests from Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania with two Renault Clio rally4 models and two Peugeot cars 208. They will be excellent competition for Lazar Milovanović, who drives a Ford Fiesta rally4. Among the domestic crews there is also Vladica Rabrenović (Renault Clio R3), Matija Stojanac (Citroen C2 R2) and many others, because it will 55. The Serbia rally will be decisive for the division of titles in the Serbian Championship.